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      • od zł 352 za nocleg

        Świeżutki, duży i bardzo wygodny 4(6) os kamper

      • od zł 588 za nocleg

        Kamper Benimar Sport 323

      • od zł 446 za nocleg

        Nowy Benimar Sport 323, rocznik 2021, dla 6 osób

      • od zł 399 za nocleg

        Fiat Ducato 2.3 MultiJet 150 KM, full opcja, Escape by Swift 664, 2017r, bez limitu kilometrów, Opony ZIMOWE !

      • od zł 353 za nocleg

        Bardzo wygodny Dethleffs-Trend-I7057EB Pełna Integra

      • od zł 412 za nocleg

        Nowy kamper CARADO A461 dla 6 osób

      • od zł 412 za nocleg

        Nowy, świetnie zaprojektowany kamper Ford Transin NobelArt, bogate wyposażenie

      • od zł 765 za nocleg

        Nowy kamper Citroën Dethleffs - pełne wyposażenie

      • od zł 353 za nocleg

        Sunlight T67, 5os. -wersja gotowa na zimę



      sty 2022
      Online checkin process was unable to be used by either renter or renter. System pop up message showed checkout form was not lodged- which it was and stored on the system. But a good system and was pleased with your follow up during and after the booking. Thanks

      sty 2022
      Everything was fine, the driving license verification process was a bit unclear, the status was changing a few times and I wasn't sure if everything is alright or not. But it finally changed to "OK" and I also confirmed that via a phone call. The customer support on a call was fabulous.

      sty 2022
      Something that I would be wary about is the COVID cancellation policy - something we considered in the run up to Christmas with the infection rates going up. Its not very clear on the website, and you wouldn't automatically get a refund (from what I can see).

      sty 2022
      Website very easy to use and locate a suitable vehicle. Communication through the website was easy to use and efficient. Reservation process was clear and user friendly. Would recommend.

      sty 2022
      We had a good experience booking thru Camptoo, it was good that the rates advertised matched the rates when you went to book, unlike other sites where it says 'starts from price'. It makes it way easier to choose a camper you can afford. However, it took us many, many attempts and about 20-30 mins to upload a photo of our licensed that would be accepted by the site.

      sty 2022
      Although I believe I followed the booking process, the payment process was a little confusing - when to pay the deposit or down payment and when to pay the full price..? Besides this we will be using you again soon for our next trip.

      O nas

      W Camptoo kochamy wolność i niezależność, jaką daje podróżowanie kamperem lub przyczepą. Wynajem pojazdu to szansa na to, by samemu przekonać się, ile radości daje podróżowanie kamperem w swoim tempie, na własnych zasadach, dostosowując plany do siebie, a nie swój urlop do planu. Z naszych wieloletnich doświadczeń wynika, że nie ma lepszego sposobu na odkrywanie piękna świata! Zacznij podróżować na własnych warunkach!

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