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4,8 (5 opinie)Totnes, Devon, Wielka Brytania

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    1750 km



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Take yourself on your very own adventure in Ivanka our VW Crafter Van. Ivanka is ready to roam, the generous double bed is made, the essentials are on-board (teabags, coffee, sugar, herbs, seasoning, olive oil) and the on-board battery is fully charged. She comes with a comprehensive manual and you will be introduced to all her corners personally. You can pick up Ivanka from South Devon ( Totnes), or delivery can be arranged at an additional cost. She sleeps two in a large double and you have lots of room to store a tent for two more. There are 4 belted seats, the two at the table would be a squeeze for two adults but great for kids. Ivanka is a 2014 VW Crafter, with a whole load of custom systems inside her to keep you warm,fed and sleeping comfortably. It is really important that you know how the systems work, so you can get the best out of her. Driving Ivanka She’s a big van, with a long wheelbase. Allow plenty of space when turning corners, and beware of her length when parking. There is a reversing camera that engages with reverse gear. Make sure you adjust the mirrors - you’re going to need them She’s heavy as well - allow space for stopping, and don’t expect lightning acceleration. She will get to 70mph, but expect to use the gears and slow down on hills. However, besides the massive view you get from being so high, she’s just like a car to drive. The tank will be full when you set off, please bring her back full as well. Electricity Ivanka can run off-grid, with a solar panel on the roof and a large battery on board. She can also be hooked up to mains power, which will charge her batteries, and make the 240v sockets on the cooker unit work. Note the on-demand hot water currently ( 9th Aug 2021) doesn't work OFF GRID we are investigating the problem. Using Ivanka off Grid Managing the battery is the key to living off-grid - balancing consumption and usage so the battery maintains charge. To do this, you need to know what draws the most power and manage that. The fridge is the big user of power, followed by the inverter in the back. With both of those on, and no sunshine or driving, the battery can drain. Our recommendation: after 24 hours off-grid, aim to recharge. For those with more interest in power management, download the VictronConnect app, and monitor charge levels from there. Using Ivanka on Grid By hooking Ivanka up to a mains power socket, using the long blue cable in the garage (and an adaptor if you need it) she will run the fridge on mains power, charge the battery and run power to the 240v sockets. The hookup is under the van at the back right corner. The socket with the lid is the end to use, and it only goes in one way round. Gas Ivanka has an onboard propane supply under the sink. We recommend turning it on and off at each usage. It is a screw-down for off valve (clockwise)


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If you want to talk about having your pets on-board we are happy to discuss. We have had lots of great experiences but one not so good!


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Zjednoczone Królestwo i Europa


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Kaucja za ten pojazd wynosi 1000 GBP. Kaucja zostanie Państwu zwrócona po zakończeniu okresu wynajmu.

Wynajmowany przez Susie

Odpowiada w ciągu 16 godzin·Akceptuje 80%

4,8 (z 5 opinii)

4 października

Wonderful first trip in Ivanka around the Dorset and Cornwall coast. Excellently kitted out van with everything you for your adventure! Susie and Mark were wonderful hosts and made it really comfortable and easy for us to enjoy!

12 czerwca

We had a fantastic trip away in Ivanka travelling around Cornwall. The van was extremely well equipped and everything worked as explained / as it should. We were able to cook all meals in the van with no issues whatsoever. It was warm, comfortable and overall very satisfying. The owners were lovely and accommodating. Would definitely hire again and recommend to others.

21 maja

We enjoyed our Campervan experience in Ivanka despite some challenging weather. Drives well. Well equipped. Warm and comfortable. Struggled with onboard shower and loo experience.


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5 noc(y)

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Po 14:00

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Przed 11:00

Miejsce odbioru: Totnes

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