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Iveco 35S14 | (2 ocen)

Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, Wielka Brytania

O właścicielu

Właściciel Andrew

Akceptuje 100% próśb


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Dozwolone prawo jazdy inne niż Brytyjski
Minimalny wiek: 23 lat


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Alternatywna forma transportu, Koszty noclegu w przypadku napraw, Koszty transportu do garażu i koszty transportu do alternatywnego zakwaterowania i Pomoc drogowa


Kaucja za ten pojazd kempingowy wynosi GBP 500. Kaucja zostanie Ci zwrócona po zakończeniu wynajmu.

2 Ocen

Unfortunately we had a really bad experience. I recommend if you are a family you think very carefully about the van’s suitability.

We picked the van as our first family adventure. It was advertised as family friendly with space for 4 to sleep and 5 belted seats. Unfortunately what we did not realise until getting it home, was that the seat belts in the back were lap belts and thus unsuitable for kids. Not being experienced van owners, we did not think to ask about this and it was only googling we realised they are unsafe for child seats or booster of any kind. We contacted the owner immediately and he said we could drop it back and he would sort it with camptoo. We thanked him for understanding and dropped it back. We were relieved to find a last minute Motorhome from the site and as we expected a refund we booked it and were delighted our much awaited half term hol was not lost.

Unfortunately the owner had not ‘sorted it’ with camptoo in the way we had expected and he refused to refund our money. He said we should have known it wasn’t suitable or asked if it was suitable prior to booking, and he has also refused to amend the listing to clarify the belt situation, so that the same doesn’t happen to other families with kids using car seats or boosters. To us it is misleading to claim it is family friendly and not specify that in fact the rear seats are unsuitable for child car seats or at the very least to specify they are lap belt only which might have given us a clue to investigate.

We will have to pursue matters further as we can’t afford to lose the money we paid out for a van we couldn’t use. It’s next years holiday money. It is also just really upsetting the owner couldn’t act honourably or communicate clearly and we now have this headache to deal with.
Great communication from Andy! Camper van was in excellent and clean condition! Had everything we needed for our trip out. Would definitely recommend and will be looking to rent again in the future.